Have you ever dreamed of doing something for so long and envisioned yourself doing it? Your dream likely depicted you doing your thing quite well — which is what’s kept the dream alive.

I’ve always known that drawing and sketching weren’t my thing. And one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to pursue my passion in jewellery design. Specifically, earrings. Even more specifically — dangly earrings.

So here I am, finally breaking through my fear of making mistakes, messing up, being ridiculed.


Isn’t it a vision??

I watched a YouTube video of someone explaining how they got to be a very good artist — they admitted that they weren’t born with natural talent, that they worked hard to practice until what they saw on that blank page didn’t suck so bad. And, speaking of blank pages, they went on to say, they can be daunting at first — just waiting to be filled. So they suggested one start drawing anything — shapes, patterns or lines or doodles, whatever it takes to fill the page and make it less daunting. Which is what I’ve attempted to do.

When I was looking for a notebook, I headed to Indigo (Chapters) and got lost in the massive selection of mostly lined notebooks. All of them so pretty, I almost forgot that what I needed wasn’t a sparkly new journal, but a boring ol’ Moleskin notebook with blank pages and a black cover.

Similarly, when I went looking for a sketching pen (the YouTube video suggested using a pen so as to not erase any drawing that may be of potential use in the future), the art supply store was filled with different colours and tools and I was once again overwhelmed with and distracted by the amount of things to choose from. Until again, I remembered all I needed was a boring ol’ Staedtler pen in black with a 0.5 tip.

It took me three days to finally put that pen to paper. And, interestingly, all I seemed to want to draw were treble clefs. And I was instantly transported to High School where that’s all I would draw on the sides of my notebooks, over and over again. I loved the circular patters. How it felt to draw them and how they looked on the page. I played on that shape in the next page and decided to apply some basic colours to the shapes I had blended together.

When I was in Junior High, I learned to play the flute, which I found both amazing and scary. But that is where I learned to draw the treble clef…and I guess I never forgot how it made me feel when I learned to draw it.

When I eventually do get to make my earrings, I’d like to incorporate the treble clef symbol somehow. And I’d also like to explore if the feeling I get when I draw it on paper will be the same as when making it with metal or with wire…

Until then, I’m going to keep drawing and see what else I come up with! 🎼



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